Welcome to Cashlink, Africa's First Peer-to-Peer Payment Network

What is Cashlink? Cashlink is an easy-to-use peer-to-peer payment infrastructure that enables quick onboarding and offboarding of cash. Merchants on the app can fulfil deposit and withdrawal requests directly, without any third-party involvement. Who is a Cashlink Merchant? A Cashlink merchant is like a digital pos agent, they help bring money in and out of various platforms. How can I be a Cashlink Merchant? Currently, we’re not taking Cashlink applications, however, you can fill in the expression of interest form and we will get back to you once we’re back How much do I earn from Cashlink? The amount you earn is dependent on how many transactions or orders you fulfil. However, most of our merchants earn an average of $400 monthly.

Hello World 👋🏾- Meet Cashlink

We are excited to introduce Cashlink to you!

Cashlink is a p2p payment system that helps people get cash on and off the app quickly. Merchants on the app fulfil deposit and withdrawal requests by giving money straight to users without going through third parties. Cashlink's special matching program uses machine learning and AI to link people with merchants.

How does Cashlink work?

Cashlink is a payment network that lets customers of different FinTech and Web3 platforms move money in and out. It's like Uber, but for money. How does it work? Our matching algorithm will connect the user to a merchant who completes the transaction. Merchants help transfer your money from your bank account to your e-wallet and back.

Make money as a Merchant with Cashlink

As a merchant, you can get a commission for each successful transaction you fulfil on Cashlink.

Is there a fee for platforms that want to integrate the Cashlink network?

Right now, there are no fees to use Cashlink. But, we charge a fee to keep it running, depending on how many times it's used each month.

What is a peer-to-peer payment network?

A p2p payment solution allows users to add and remove cash from their accounts or wallets, without having to create a new one. It's like using a payment gateway but in a decentralised way.

Escrow service on Cashlink

We have set up an escrow system to keep your funds safe and secure until the order is successfully completed by both parties. We make sure to provide a scam-free zone.

How to become a Cashlink Merchant

Right now, we're not accepting Cashlink applications, but you can fill out the expression of interest form and we'll get back to you when we're ready.

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